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Supporting Women through
Pregnancy and Birth

Every birth is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Not only for you as a mother, but also for your partner, and for your baby.


As time draws near to the end of pregnancy, plans, hopes, dreams or fears often occupy the mind of expectant mothers everywhere.


Every woman deserves loving care and support during this special time. On top of the medical care of doctors and midwives, many women choose to have the support of a doula, who is solely responsible for emotional well being.


As a birth doula, I give loving and unconditional support to a woman in whatever path she chooses. I hold her hand through it, shine a light when she needs it, and make sure she is comfortable, confident, and happy.


Partners and other family members also recieve support, so that they can have a full and positive Birth Day.

"When my partner and I started our first ‘pregnancy journey’, we did not think about taking along a doula.  It was only after a suggestion from a good friend, when we started looking into that possibility.

We reached out to Chamutal following a recommendation and immediately felt that she is the person we want ‘on board’ with us.Looking back, we can wholeheartedly say that this was one of the most important decisions we have made.

Chamutal had a key role in shaping the pregnancy, the birth and the first weeks after, into the empowering and positive experiences that they were. She provided us with the guidance, support and confidence to take the decisions that were right for us and to feel ‘in control’ despite the inherent unexpected nature of things.

During the pregnancy, we met with Chamutal in person and spoke regularly over the phone. She walked us through the mental and physical preparation for the birth and helped us in gaining a deep understanding of what is coming ahead and in creating a birth plan that will best match our needs and wishes.

Since English is not our first language (and since our families live abroad), we were quite anxious about the birth itself. In this respect, Chamutal was vital for realizing our birth plan and made sure that we are fully aware of the implications of every option that was presented to us.

Chamutal came to visit us on the day after the birth and again at our home. She gave us valuable advice about breastfeeding and postnatal recovery and, importantly, was attentive and available to every question and concern we had. It has been a privilege to have her as our doula".


Yoli & Oren

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