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About me

My Story

I was born in Israel, and came to England as a student in 1991. Two years later I met my husband, who is a Londoner, and in 1995, we married and went on to have four children, who were all born at our home in Enfield.


It was my firstborn's birth, which made me realise the profound importance of support during labour, and I knew that I had to become a doula, and make sure that this support was available to women who wanted it.


I started to attend births in 2001. around that time, there were only a handful of doulas in England, and we all knew each other... It feels good to see how far doulas have come! Today, having a doula has become a very mainstream and acceptable choice, which means that families recieve the support that they need.


I have breastfed all my children, and was also lucky enough to donate breastmilk to my friends' baby for a whole year. I know how strongly a woman may feel about wanting to breastfeed, and I am  committed to providing the right support so it becomes reality.


My Training
My Philosophy

Every birth is a magical event, which deserves to be protected and supported.


I believe totally in women's ability to birth and nurture their babies, and I am committed to supporting personal and imformed choice. There is no ultimate right or wrong, only what is right for you!


Birthing is a profound human activity and often a pivotal event in a woman's life. My calling in life is to support each mother in the most respectful and loving manner possible.


Fathers to be also go through a powerful transformation at this time. Just like mothers, they, too, are perfectly built to take part in the magnificent event which is the birth of their child.



“I will always appreciate the extra mile you went in making me feel comfortable about the whole birthing experience.” Tara
Birth and postpartum Doula

Birth and Bonding international Training 2000 :

I started my doula path with a six day intensive training. this included thorough study of the physiology of birth, emotional needs of mothers and fathers, and a careful study of my innermost issues relating to birth.

This was followed with months of reading and careful study of different hospital and homebirth protocols, as well as attending 8 births.


Birth Companions 2002:

Birth Companinons is an organisation that provides care and support to women having their babies either in prison, or in very difficult situations within the community.

My training with Birth Companions included child protection training, homeopathy for childbirth, dealing with drug addiction, alcohol abuse, social care issues and their effect on the pregnant mother, and more.

I have been volunteering in Birth companions since 2002. This work has highlighted to me some very acute needs that women may have. It has allowed me to let go of jadgement, and to see myself purely as a servant to a mother in labour and postpartum.


Recognised By Doula UK 2004

“Thank you so much for being with us during the labour. We really appreciate your support. Little Alice Grace is a delight. We love being 'Mum' and 'Dad'".”. Angela
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